How we made this happen

Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE)

This project was managed by Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), in Collaboration with Granville Historical Society.

ICE receives core support from the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW, Screen NSW and NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Parramatta City Council

Granville Historical Society (GHS)

Granville Historical Society is a Heritage Research Centre, supported by the Parramatta City Council



Cavorter is an experiential media production house and development agency.

From creating original content to partnering with others ideas, we look at all forms of media and entertainment to create the experience and messaging that engage audiences. We look to work on projects that deliver strong stories and ideas that move and change people fearlessly. We seeks to create work that is not only actively engaging but fosters high production value while pushing boundaries with new and old technologies.


Granville Historical Society

June M Bullivant OAM

Dianne Stocks

Barry G Bullivant OAM

Dorothy Warwick

Judith M Dunn OAM

Arthur Naylor

 Frank Bloxham OAM

Information and Cultural Exchange

Donita Hulme

Copy Editor



Michelle Cotterill

Producer/Web Development/Guide Author

Clarinda Cheon

Editor/Production Assistant/Research

Yasemin Sabuncu


Michael Chin

Research/Social Media/Production Support