Welcome to the Lennox Trail

A path of discovery where you can also learn about yourself, your attachment to place, home, and connection to the world around you.

We invite you to move through Parramatta, tracing the steps of one of Australia’s first master builders David Lennox. You will be taken back in time to see how Parramatta was influenced by Lennox and how much Parramatta has evolved since then.

There are three ways of doing the trail.

1. Use the website on your Ipad as you walk.
2. Download the iBook and use that to guide you
3. Print the google  map to simply walk through.
The project was born from a desire to preserve the history and story of one Australia’s master builders, but to also give his story relevance to a new Australia where we each strive to create our work and looking for a way of life that resonates with us.