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What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Home for David Lennox was many things. He was born in Ayr, Scotland but moved his life across great oceans from Scotland to Australia to create a new home for himself and later for his daughters who joined their father in Australia. The death of his young wife and high unemployment in Scotland persuaded Lennox to leave his homeland for the uncharted territory of the British colony, New South Wales.

‘Home’ is a word that can be loaded with many meanings. It means something different for everyone.

For some it is an emotional, physical and spiritual connection with a place. For some the word implies a connection to where we belong or our origins, our ancestry or where we were born. For others it is merely where we sleep.

Could you imagine leaving behind your daughters, friends and everything that was familiar to go to a foreign land, a new colony being built from the ground up?

Lennox did precisely this. With great bravery, skill and tenacity he began his life anew in a foreign land leaving behind all that he knew. He made great sacrifices to create a new home and better life for himself, his daughters and their children. It is the bravery and hard work of people like Lennox that has contributed to modern Australia as we know it. His legacy lives on to this day with his creations of bridges and dams still present in the Australia we call home.


How do you create a home? And what sort of ancestor do you want to be for the generations to come?