St John's Cemetery, Unmarked Grave

Site Four

CHALLENGE: Use the clues in this image to find Lennox's grave

Like many since him David Lennox was an immigrant who left his homeland and way of life to start afresh and, despite the challenges and homesickness, contributed to the building of modern Australia.

When he died he was buried here with his family and laid to rest in the country he contributed so much to. Ironically, there is no headstone for this hard working stonemason.

At Lennox’s gravesite, can you get a sense of the hardworking man who left behind a great body of work and went from project to project without much respite? A man who sacrificed so much deserves a rest and death is the ultimate rest for Lennox who must have been at peace knowing he made such a contribution to the early colony.

The irony is that such a master stonemason and bridge builder was laid to rest without a head stone. This was not uncommon for the times though as families were often buried together over time to save money. Even though his grave is unmarked his legacy lives on in his work with the bridges and dams across Australia. He died an Australian and a Scotsman.

Here in the graveyard we sense our own mortality. With this knowledge we can arm ourselves knowing that our time is short and that we should not take it for granted. That Lennox’s wife passed away so young reminds us that life can change in an instant. And in David Lennox we can see how, despite tragedy, we can find a way to having a fulfilling life. Lennox shows us that we can adapt to circumstance and create a better world for others in the process.


Think of time when you had to adapt  and change to create your own sense of peace.