Domain Creek Boundary, Parramatta Park

Site Three

Parramatta Town Boundaries

One of the few remaining Boundary Markers

To create a border means to make something yours or belong to a community, a state or a country.

The Domain Creek Boundary at Parramatta Park is one of a series of marker stones that outlined the Parramatta region. People of the day used different things to help navigate their way around this part of the colony: boundary stones, maps, compass, even the sun and stars. In these modern times we now have easier ways of navigating the landscape thanks to technology: phones, tablets, websites and even wristwatches.

Lennox had to cross many boundaries in order to leave his Scottish homeland, his daughters and the memory of his dear wife. He made Australia his new home, starting from scratch in a largely uncharted land that hosted a new and growing colony.

David Lennox navigated his life by going where the work was and while there taking up opportunities to help others. He traveled extensively around the colony as a result. Often he was not paid for work travel and in his world at the time that could mean days or even weeks of travel. He paid for his own food, horse feed, accommodation and more in order to take up jobs. He worked this way for years and years


What do you use to navigate your way around? And how do you navigate your life and connection to others, the land and your surroundings?